Our Services

You have options – we’re here to help.

Pregnancy Tests

Make an appointment to meet with one of our mentors for a free pregnancy test.


We offer FREE ultrasounds that are performed by a medical professional to clients that have a confirmed pregnancy test. We believe that every woman should be able to see her baby before making a lifelong decision.

Pregnancy Support

We offer a range of support including prenatal vitamins, pregnancy, and parenting classes, and supplies to prepare for your upcoming baby. We want to be your partner through this process to becoming a mother.

Abortion Education

Understand the different abortion procedures and what procedure you qualify for. Learn ALL the facts about abortion including the requirements, risks, and questions to ask your provider.

Post-Abortion Support

Our trained mentors can walk with you through the process of individualized healing if you have faced an abortion in your past.

Adoption Referrals

We partner with Lifeline Children Services to assist you with all your questions or concerns around an adoption. They walk you through every step as you choose the type of adoption you would like to have and help you to find the right pre-vetted family to place your baby with.

Referrals for OB Care

We can help you to identify an OBGYN that is convenient for you to get to for your long term care.

STI Information

We offer referrals to community resources.

Referrals for Social Services

Our desire is for you to live in a supportive community. We will help you to connect to local resources and organizations as well as continue to connect with you as you take your next steps.